Event Detail: AB 1491 PLC: The Conversation Continues

Course Title: AB 1491 PLC: The Conversation Continues
Date of Event: April 11, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Format: Online Webinar
Description: The AB 1491 Guidance webinar provided a better understanding of the legislation, CAEP guidance, and how NOVA will support tracking of member and consortium carryover. During the webinar, attendees grappled with how to best implement the legislation, update their existing bylaws, track carryover, and more. In response to the need to continue the conversation, the CAEP Office and CAEP TAP are hosting a PLC focused on AB 1491. The AB 1491 PLC will provide a platform for practitioners to participate in a lightly-facilitated discussion to continue to think and work through implementation of the new legislation.
Location: Zoom
Trainer: CAEP Office
Number of Seats: 300
Number Registered: 106
Registration Deadline: April 11, 2023
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