Event Detail: CAEP Dual and Co-enrollment Peer Learning Circle

Course Title: CAEP Dual and Co-enrollment Peer Learning Circle
Date of Event: April 21, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Format: Online Webinar
Description: Senate Bill 554 (SB 554) has emerged as a strategy effectively and equitably helping HSD or HSE students transition into credit college work. It is a tool that allows students to co-enroll while in an adult school program and colleges to waive the fees for those students. Join the dual enrollment peer learning circle to engage in robust dialogue with adult education practitioners to share general information, and practices on how to implement and expand SB 554.
Location: Zoom
Trainer: CAEP Office
Number of Seats: 300
Number Registered: 51
Registration Deadline: April 21, 2022
Registration is closed for this event.